What is your dream job? How can we classified one kind of occupation is the dream job? Well, it is possibly can be considered by several aspects, such as the salary (of course…!!), the career development, working hour, office environment, and many more. In this time, let me tell you what the dream job is, based on me…

The first one, I want to have a job that does not push me to start working in the morning. It is okay, if just for one or two days in a week, but not for whole weeks. I love morning, morning for me, is like the best moment in a day, so I do not want to just spent it by only stuck in traffic, getting rush to take bath, or something like that. I want to spend my morning by having breakfast freely, jogging, have a cup tea or coffee, watching the morning show on TV, or if already have kids, I want to take them to school by myself. So, when do I want my working hour starts? Hmmm.. 9.00 sounds good.

I want to have a job that allows me to work anywhere. I like working in a place like café or coffee shop (as long as it do not too noisy or polluted by smoke from smokers). I don’t know, it just feels cool to work there, haha… Maybe it is because place like that always designed uniquely and very comfortable. They also provide good music, good food, and of course, one-very-highly-important-crucial-thing, the WIFI. The only problem is the bill. It can be quite expensive. For me. May be not for you.

It is also nice if I can work from home. You can work without need to take bath, brush the teeth, or wear the suit. You can make your bed or the sofa in the living room is your office and you can handle the business with the pillow and the snack beside you.

I want my job that also can be a legacy for my kids. We know that it is quite hard to find a job even for a person who has bachelor degree. This condition makes me want to have a job or a career that also can be continued by my children when they are a grown up, if they want it, of course. Or at least, I want to have a job that give me possibility to help my children to fulfill their dream or passion.

And of course I like to have a job that related to my passion. For now, I believe my passion is become a content creater, especially in Youtube. So, I hope I can make this kind of passion also can be the source of my income. It is not easy, and I’m not sure I will be succeed, but at least. I’ve tried. Because if you never try, your success rate is absolutely 100%.

I think it quit hard to find a place (especially, in my city, or the another city near it) that provide the job based my wishes above. Soo… instead for searching for it, I think I will create it by myself. Wish my luck.

This is my first post that using English. I decided to make more blog post by using English because I want to use my blog to practice my English writing ability. I think there are still lots of mistakes which can be found in this posts, and I will really appreciate for those who want to tell me the mistakes or give the correction.

This post also made as the part of Arisan Blog that held by Pena Blogger Banua, A Blogger Community in Banjarmasin where I also one of the member. You can see our works in here, The Creative Website created by Banjarmasin Bloggers. See you on the next post. Bye.

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