Well, 2017 is almost over. As the new year will come soon, many people also start to list their new year’s resolutions. Were going to sets some goals, change this, achieve thats, and believe with high expectation and excitement that those things will be succesfully at the end of the year. But then, reality hits. The list that seems very achievable at first, after day by day, month by month, turn into the high wall that hard to climb, the riddle that hard to solve, or the rubic cube that hard to match. The wish list finally turn into just a wish and we will comfort ourselves by saying “May be next year.” If you ever do that to yourselves, just like me, I hope there’s no more action like that for next year. and here I’ll share some things that probable can help us to complete our 2018 mission. Plan. Achieve.


Letting people know about our resolutions will make us like having living alarm. They will ask us (if the care, hha), about how far our resolutions going. You not only make commitment for yourselves, but also with everyone you’ve shared. I believe it’ll boost our effort more since we do not want to failed them.



Do not just make general plan, make it spesific. For example, if you are a blogger, do not just plan to “write more”, but define it by giving more detail. How many article that we wish can be written each week, each month, or in whole year. By doing this, you know if you either fail or accomplish your goal.



Let’s say you want to have a brand new phone. Put the picture of the phone in the wall or somewehere else. Psychology said that yout spirit to achive something will be greater when you have visual thing about it. Do not only picture, you can put your list, the chart, the mind mapping, or your resolutions. You also can put your achievement to motivate your more.



Do not push yourself too much. If you meet the boredom moment on your way to complete your resolution, then take a break. Do something that break your routinity like going vacation, meet new people, visit new place, have a walk, or other interisting stuffs. It also believed that taking effective breaks can increase our productivity. Remember, if you tired, learn to rest, not quit.



When you achieve your resolutions, celebrate it! Put rewards for each your resolutions and give you yourself that rewards at the time you achieve it. it’ll will make your resolutions just like a mission with the great gift at the finish line and it’ll empower you to work harder.



Simple. Do not stop when it is hard, stop when it is done.

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