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A few days ago. I realized something;

I do not remember the last time I ate an ice cream. 

No. ice cream here is not that kind of ice cream that sold in a café.

I also not talking about the ice cream that usually can be found on the cola float, or another float.

But, I talk about the ice cream that sold in that freezer. At the convenient store.

The Wall’s, Campina, Diamond.

Packed with the stick, cup, cone, or even in big bucket.

Ice cream and I.

We do not meet often.

Because the distance of my home and the nearest ice cream freezer is quite far.

Because it is need to ride more than twenty minutes just to find the closest store that sell them.

Because when I have an ice cream, I actually prefer to eat it at home.

While sitting on my green chair, read a book, or watching a movie.

Unfortunately, if I buy ice cream and bring it home.

I can guarantee that it will melt, it looks ugly, it feels sticky. 

And just like that, I lost my appetite.

Because of that, Ice cream and I,

We cannot meet often.


After year by year

I realize that although I cannot eat ice cream frequently,

There are still meals on the table that can be found every day.

Well, not organic, not instagenic. 

But, with them, running out of energy is not something I need to worry.

And for many times,

I even eat because I’m bored, rather than hungry.

Those things show me that I’m luckier than hundred millions of people that still suffer of hunger.

The people who go undernourished, weaken by starvation. 

And they have to experience sunrise and sunset with same condition.

Empty stomach.

And more than that;

Although my House is really far from everything.

The cinema is three hours from here.

My favorite café is hundreds kilometers away.

And the weekend is only time I can meet my bestfriends.

I know I’m more blessed than people who do not have roof over their head.

Or they cannot sleep because their home is surrounded by war.

Their life is haunted by the agony of battle and torture.

And their worst nightmare can come and tear up their future. 


Although I do not experience exciting holiday regularly.

There many place that I never visited even in my own country.

My free time sometimes I spend in my room only.

I know I still in better life condition than people that will not survive tomorrow.

People that need the support from machines to pass the next second of their life.

Billions people on earth that never experience any color at all.

Or listen the sound of waves that touch the shore.

Although my village still do not covered by good internet connection.

And sometimes I still feel envy to you who can easily 

read your favorite blog, watch funny videos on youtube,

scroll the timeline of instagram, or just googling random stuff on google.

I know I still have fortunate life than lots people who has limited access for things more precious than internet. 

They who must walk a thousand miles or cross the cold ocean, seeking for peace.

They who need to endure agonizing pain of headache because a medicine is like a treasure that hard to find.

They who risk their life everyday just to learn mathematic formula, the history of dinosaur, or just simply the alphabet.

When life is hard. Do easy thing. Grateful.

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