A few months ago, I decided to resign. Previously, I work as a of administration office staff in one of a high school. But then I realize that my desire to follow my passion is really big. In order to chase my dream, I need to leave my hometown, and automatically, I have to resign too. And in this time, I’d like to share several things about resignation.



The first thing, and the most difficult one is when I have to talk to parents about my willingness to apply my resignation. It took like weeks and many delay, many hesitation, before I actually able to have a conversation about that. If I’m not mistaken, I did it after my family finish our dinner. After hear it, I know my parents a little bit shock, and well, disappointed. They did not directly against it, but they then asked me to think more about it. I really understand the worries because it is the nature of parents to worry about the future of their kids and the path that I want to walk on is actually something really unfamiliar for them. So, do not blame your parents if they oppose your idea or your decision, because in many aspects, our parent have different background knowledge than us. So, rather than fighting in argument, try to introduce them to things that you like, show what is your passion is like and how your passion can give you way to live or can give you income. But after all, getting income is still really important.



After I got permission from my parent, I then talk about it to my fellow workmates and of course, the headmistress of the school. Once again, they asked me to reconsider my decision to resign. But actually, it is not as hard as I thought before. They just asked me to finish my unfinished tasks there before I leave. If you do not mind me to give an advice here, I just want to tell you all if someday you need to leave your job, please do proper farewell. If it is possible, meet all your workmates, say thank you for all their kindness, and say sorry for all our mistakes.



The really important point if you want to apply a resignation is do not do it suddenly. In my case, I talk about my resignation three months before I actually leave. If you inform about it several month, or weeks ahead, it will give the time for the office to find the replacement (if they do not have one before). You also need to complete the tasks that already given to you. Try to do not give hardship for other people after you leave.



In my case, after I resign, I still do not get steady income, so it is really important for me to have my saving for a rainy days. I save my salary from three or four months because I do not expect I will get income regularly for few months ahead. So my point here is make sure you have preparation before you resign. Think about how you will fulfill your daily needs and of course, work harder.

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